Private Label

How to have your own charcoal brand?

1. Select

The products you want to carry: lump or briquettes, or both.

2. Decide

What size or sizes of packages you want to offer: From 6.6 lbs to 30 lbs

3. Artwork

Once we know the bag sizes, we provide the layouts that a graphic designer can use to create the artwork for each bag. We also provide necessary information that bags have to have, like warnings and some other regulations.

4. Order

Once the artwork is finished and approved, your company issues a purchase order for the initial batch of bags. Depending on bag size, the minimum order quantities may vary from 1,350 to 6,240 pieces.

5. Bag Manufacturing

Usually takes 4 to 8 weeks. Once the bags are made, they are sent to the charcoal packaging facility. Your bags will be stored there.

6. Purchase Order

Issue purchase orders for any amount of product. The most cost efficient way to do this is by filling up an entire 53' container that can hold around 40,000 lbs of product.

7. Logistics

Our team will help you arrange all the logistics, including customs brokerage and all import export transactions. We can help you get your charcoal shipment to your door, anywhere in the United States.